We Hack Wii Contest - Youtube
The first official We Hack Wii contest is under way!

Simply create a Youtube video that is related to Nintendo Wii Hacking/Homebrew/Backups.

Obviously some rules are in order so lets go through them.

- MUST be related to Nintendo Wii Hacking/Homebrew/Backups
- Video must be uploaded on or after Mon, Feb 23, 2009 ( Deadline: March 2, 2009 )
- Video must LINK to wehackwii.com or page on wehackwii.com
- Video must be uploaded youtube.

Thats about it! It can be about ANYTHING on wehackwii.com

To submit your video in the contest you must first

1. Upload video to youtube
2. Send URL link to wehackwii@gmail.com


The reward has not yet been decided. Note it will be around $50. Please offer suggestions for prizes when you submit your video.

Only 1 winner will be picked.

Good luck all!

I saw this on We Hack Wii thought I'd post it...