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Thread: Nintendo DS Game Adapter?

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    Nintendo DS Game Adapter?

    I'm not sure what it's called, but I know people with a game adapter (?) where they can play multiple games on one cartridge. I heard that it can be found in China, but I'm curious as to how it works exactly and if it can be found anywhere else? Any information about it would be of great help!

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    There are a few different versions of these carts on the market. I'll make a list of the top ones.

    1. CycloDS Evolution
    2. R4DS Revolution
    3. M3 Simply
    4. G6DS Real 8Gb
    5. DS-Xtreme 4 Gb

    These are all slot 1 (DS Slot) devices. The first three require the use of a MicroSD card to hold the DS ROMS and homebrew that you want to use. Number 4 and 5 has memory built into the device and you store your ROMS and homebrew directly on the device. Of all of them, the R4DS and the M3 Simply are the cheapest, but don't let the price fool you, they work very well. The cycloDS Evolution is also lower in cost than the G6 or the DS-Xtreme, but is higher in price than the R4 and the M3. The cycloDS has some on board memory, but thats for the operating system only. It still requires a MicroSD card to hold the ROMS and homebrew. The R4 and the M3 is pratically the same device. I own an R4 and a CycloDS Evolution and like both of them very much, but I have to give the edge to the CycloDS because it supports SDHC (SD High Capacity) flash memory cards and the R4 and M3 doesn't.

    These devices can be found just about anywhere that sells modchips and such. Easiest way is to just google for the name of the device that your interested in and go to their homepage. Then click on their list of resellers and find one in the local that you live in and go from there.

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    its called a flash cart

    you download roms to it and play.

    the most popular is the R4 (the M3 simply is teh same hardware too). you need a micro sd card (transflash) to put the games on.

    it can be had for as cheap as $25 if you look around.
    alot of sites offer a package deal with a microsd card .


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