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Thread: Guys today I'm getting a new Wii game which one should I get SSX Blur or Sonic and

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    Guys today I'm getting a new Wii game which one should I get SSX Blur or Sonic and

    the secret rings? I am a long time sonic fan I've always loved sonic games ever since Sonic the hedgehog on the Sega Genises. I've watched many reviews on the game and they all say that this is by far the best 3D sonic game so far. I really liked the Sonic adventure games a lot so a game that they say is the best 3d sonic game so far I think I'd really like a lot. Also I've heard it is really challenging I love that in a video game because it means I get to play it longer.

    SSX blur is also a game I'd really love to have. I've bought all the other SSX games and I loved them all. SSX Blur looks like it'd be even betterthan the other SSX games. I just don't like the fact it has no online play : (.

    I'm not sure which one to get because I want both... I can only get one though. Help me out here give me an answer people.

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    Ahh, I wish I have played sonic but I can tell you about SSX Blur.

    I love sonic but I loved it when sonic was 2-d, I have never been good at 3-d Sonic's

    Ok SSX Blur is a good game if you can learn the controls, The learning curve is pretty high. I would try and rent it because you could make a $50.00 mistake if you don't like the control scheme.

    I have Loved many SSX games in the past but I don't see myself as excited about blur as I was with SSX Tricky.


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