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Thread: Raw Dump 2.1 Troubleshooting

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    Raw Dump 2.1 Troubleshooting

    First of all, thanks to jaydoc05 for being a great seller and for the quick shipping on the drive I purchased from him.

    I received my GDR8162B today and was very excited to get to work. I was in a bit of suspense as power to our subdivision was out all day due to maintenance so I was getting impatient by the time it came back on.

    With power restored I booted windows let it install the drive and restarted, threw the disc in, then ran Raw Dump... Error! Noooo. Luckily, after about 30 min of troubleshooting I decided I would just try to clean the disc. I opened the drive and there was no disc there. To be honest I was really relieved that there wasn't a disc in the drive because, I knew what the problem was. Put the disc into the correct drive and like magic.

    The moral of the story. When you install the drive in the second slot of the tower you should probably put the Wii disc in the second drive as well.

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    Glad it works.

    I think this may be a situation that supports the belief that the 8162B works better as an IDE instead of a USB conversion.

    I had it hooked up as USB and had a hell of time to getting it to work everytime.

    My new friend above is using it as IDE.

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