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Thread: bad customer service.Help Please info

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    thanks all for your input.

    Hi yes i sent my wii out to crazedconcepts dec 10 to have a chip installed and still have not got it back it has been 13 weeks. When i sent it to them they said a one day turn around i try to call and no one picks up emails suck because it takes them 4to5 days or weeks to get back. has anyone used them recent. Because evey thing i find on the net is good about them but from last summer and earlyer. Thanks for any Info
    Thanks anthony
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    hmmmm Id be knocking on their door.... Your console sounds lost......

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    sounds bad

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    ya it sucks looks like i have to get a new wii and chip.

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    Man, that too bad, hopefully you will recieve it sometime soon?

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    hey has anyone ever had a problem like this? If so can you tell me what you did to get your stuff or money back not so sure on what couse to take. Thanks guys for your feedback

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    well i think its all straight now should be getting it back mid next week. they had some problems and now its sounds to be all good. Thanks again guys for your input.


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