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Thread: original wiikey

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    Ca original wiikey

    hey guys. my first post ;-)
    I installed the original wiikey in my daughter's wii in '06.
    my last update was 1.9s and the unit has the 3.3u update.

    my question... is everything up to date?

    thanx guys and looking foward to being a member here

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    Everything is OK

    You can always upgrade to 3.4 but with no great benefits but great lost of additional hacking material that 3.4 now prohibits.

    If you're only using a modchip than no worries.

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    keep 3.3u. everything great!
    welcome to online Mario_Kart, and many others.
    wifi racing will not update wii to 3.4u. C u on tracks.


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