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Thread: nintendo DS/play backups

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    nintendo DS/play backups

    my buddy is buying a ds for his 6 year old boy. they really don't have any money, and are using their tax check plus the $38 dollars their son has saved to buy one. Anyways to make a long story short, I used to buy all my wiikeys. all his ds stuff says out of stock..

    I know nothing about modding ds's what is the best one to buy anyways?

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    I think the r4 ds revolution is the one everyone in australia reckons is the best, Acekard is the cheapest/ best home user solution and then I think like the super card ds or something is like $5 more and that supports real time saving and real time cheat codes on and off. It claims you can save at any point, its all a much of a muchness if you ask me but I spose each one does have a bit of a different gui on it, if its for a kid you'd wanna keep it simpe.

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    you cannot buy real r4s anymore because they went out of business.

    PS: you posted in the wrong forum. go to the ds/gc forum.

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    Yea actually I think you may be right and the r4 team split... There is alot of clones around now or v3 or III etc which claim to be made by some of the developers from the orignal r4 team. cyclo ds seems to be the newer more expensive bees knees card from a browse at other forms and a dstt a good cheapone aswell.

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    CycloDS is the best

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    modchip-depot sells:
    Acekard2 for DS/NDS & 4GB Japanese Kingston
    DSTT Adaptor for DS/NDS & 4 gb Japanese Kingston


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