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Thread: WiiKey2 and Wiiclip2 v14, 3.4U

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    Question WiiKey2 and Wiiclip2 v14, 3.4U

    I have installed the above on a D2E, but there seems to be a mixed bag of results regarding what needs to be cut. I read a thread earlier that someone has all of the contacts soldered to the clip and the clip is simply attached to the IC (which is what I have done as well). This seems to be working for the most part, however, there have been a few titles which I have had troubles playing (namely Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and Manhunt2). In RE-UC, the game will freeze/give DRE at various points. The wii recognises the game but I have only gotten as far as just clicking start a new game before getting DRE. Manhunt2 will not read at all. (both discs are backups)

    I have tried a few other titles as well, and they seem to be working properly, but my question is whether or not it is actually necessary to cut points D,E,F from the chip to clip; could that be causing the issue of DRE?

    Also, to install Homebrew, do I need to remove the wiikey or can I just leave it in and install Homebrew. It seems that I need homebrew to downgrade to fw 3.2U?

    Thanks in advance

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    If you got most of your backup running, than the chip is working, it's most likely a bad burn/media or the iso itself is bad. If you've got 3.4 than any games you have that were trucha signed will no longer work unless you downgrade to 3.3 or 3.2 so if you're looking to do that already for the homebrew, than that might solve it. 3.2 is definetely the best version to run homebrew.

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    thanks for the reply .

    so other than running homebrew, is there a reason to downgrade to 3.2? (also, will I have to remove the chip to perform the downgrade?)


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    No The chip stays in, no need to remove. As for the reason for the 3.2 instead of 3.3, well 3.2 is by far for now the best version to run the utilities and the most stable.

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    is there a need for starfall?...or rather what is the use of starfall?

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    Starfall is really good to use if your going to use homebrew and backup launcher, otherwise if you want no updates at all, to can set the Wiikey2 to block all update in the config menu.

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    by blocking all updates, you are referring to firmware updates?

    backup launcher? there a problem with just loading backups from the regular wii menu (top left corner)?

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    If you're only going to use backups then why would you new homebrew and therefore starfall.

    The Wiikey will allow you to play most if not all in region and out of region games, the important think is too block the updates for out of region games since that will semi brick you Wii. So in the config menu for the Wiikey 2 you can choose to allow only update from your region or not at all if you're paranoid like some people.

    If you block all, then at some point a game will come up where you will need to update to a new firmware in order to play it, in this case you will need the homebrew channel so you can install the proper ios files for the game to play and launch it with a back up launcher. This is were the starfall would come into place, if you did not have a mod chip or one that can block update than starfall would take over and protect your Wii.

    Just remember it a lot easier to un brick your Wii when you hardmod with a chip then if you softmod with homebrew, there is also more chances of you bricking your Wii with softmod than with a chip. Too many things you have to keep on top off.

    I;m not one of the paranoid one, I have the Wiikey 2 and I allow updates from my region until someone confirm that the next update will harm my modchip. Only time will tell.

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    i see. so, in my case anyways, unless i want to run other apps (such as mPlayer) or downgrade/change firmware, there is not much reason for me to have the HBC?

    Thanks again

    edit: does formatting the wii remove all apps installed (i.e. HBC and software used to change firmware)?
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