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    Question AC:CF Toolkit Help

    After editing the town with the toolkit I reinstalled the (newly edited) save file. The game itself loads, but gets stuck at the first screen with the blue bus. I let it sit there for over 5 minutes.

    I delete the file off the wii and reinstalled. Still the same thing happens. Is there a limit to how many river/waterfall tiles you can have?

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    i have tons of rivers in my town and have no problems. did you keep a save of your origial town? if so, start again adding things slowly, then load. maybe too much at once? not sure, just an idea

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    I think I figured out what I did wrong. I didn't put in any special tiles for nooks or the town hall. I had them sitting on regular ground. I went back and added those tiles in, but the objects themselves had been deleted from the 'edit town' menu.

    I didn't see anywhere to add those objects, so I gave up for now. I might mess with it more on Monday though.

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