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Thread: d2Sun v1.3a with wiiclip (jumper help)

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    Us d2Sun v1.3a with wiiclip (jumper help)

    I'm new to this hard modding so here goes. I recently purchased a Wii. says I likely have a D2b drive. So what jumpers do I have to solder on my chip to make it work? Also, PAL and NTSC? I'm confused.

  2. #2 your wiidrive is a d2b, you need to solder jumpers k2 and k4 only. (that is for USA version wii)

    The difference between NTSC and PAL is the frequency the display the image is shown.
    PAL is 50hz and ntsc is 60hz

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    thank you

    thanks for the help. everything works beautifully now. I also bought a small fan for the Wii which plugs in the back, drawing off any excess heat given off by the chip.


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