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Thread: New to modding

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    New to modding

    Hello everyone I am new to the boards and so far I must say the forums are very helpful

    I just entered my serial number Wii Drive Chip Database - Serial Number Estimation

    This wii is one of the older models I do know that I'm trying to figure out which is the best route for me to go when getting my wii modded what am I looking for I just really want majority or all games to be playable

    Thank you

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    I recommend going the softmod route like me, mod chips are kinda troublesome. What system version is your Wii at?

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    read more b4 determination.
    that's all i could tell

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    It doesn't really matter if you softmod or chipmod, you'll get the same end result. It just depends on your preference in getting there!

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    Ahh thank you for the responses so yea I say I would go with the more simple route my wii is from 2006

    I am really just looking into playing burned wii games by downloading them online

    I know there any many ways but with anyone having hands on experience what would be the best route to go I am new to modding but not completely clueless

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    I am really considering the Drivekey it's no soldering and I believe it does what I want

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    yep the drivekeys great, jsut a tad expensive.

    modchip is better than softmod >.> and the results AREN'T quite the same...

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    Yea I am willing to dish out 60-70 bucks for the DriveKey If I'm going to get results that I want I have been trying to look around on these forums for more information and Have not found to much but I'm curious if I download iso's and torrents am I able to burn it onto a DVD-R CD using imgburn and with the DriveKey being in my wii I would be able to play any game I wish correct?

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    $60~70 for Drivekey
    $30~40 for LG/Pioneer DVD-multiwriter
    $15 for pak of dvd-r
    1x iso downloaded
    20~30 minutes of ImgBurn process
    Sum up = playable games u wish
    many but not any

    p.s. soldering is superior than clip for junior
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    Okay so if I purchase this DriveKey I cant use my current dvd drive which is LITE-ON DVDRW-LH20A1L

    I have imgburn installed and I've all ready started downloading iso's preparing my self also I was going to go with these dvd's to burn - Verbatim 4.7GB 16X DVD-R 100 Packs Cake Box Disc - CD / DVD Media

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