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Thread: D2Pro9 V3 w/pre-soldered clip on Epoxy C.

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    Question D2Pro9 V3 w/pre-soldered clip on Epoxy C.

    I am a new comer at wiihack. Is the D2Pro9 V3 + Wiiclip2 V4C-9A pre-soldered compatible with the Epoxy GC2-D2E chip? I ordered the @D2Pro9 V3 from Modchipcentral before opening my Wii. Upon opening it I discovered it had the Epoxy.
    I would appreciate any sugestions.
    Thank You!!
    Mr Frank.

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    sorry to hear about your delete your dup post in the wrong forum....and read the rules and announcements for this forum before posting again...... should be contacting them first as...regarding your problem......

    everyone is busy helping forum supporters atm.......we will try our best to get to you soon

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