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Thread: What wire should be used to solder Wasabi?

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    What wire should be used to solder Wasabi?

    Hi all, I just got my wii during the weekend, and found this great place to learn a lot of stuff. I just ordered a Wasabi Zero from canadamods, but it's right before I realized that my wii may possibly have epoxy around it, so if I want to install wasabi zero, the epoxy has to be removed, right?

    i bought zero just because of laziness, (drivekey is new, i don't wanna give an early shot). so just in case, if i ruin the clip or something else, and i have to solder it, what kind of wire should I use?

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    if epoxy, remove it b4 soldering.
    #22~26 awg wire for 3v3 and Gnd connections,
    #30 awg wire for signals.
    all kyvor insulated wires.
    economically, use #30 wire for all [note: make multi-stranded bundle for 3v3 & gnd].
    keep wires short.
    if u can solder well, save ur clip, save the earth, save the trouble fm u.
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