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Thread: Reviews?

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    So any reviews or comments on DriveKey yet?


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    Easy to install, 10 minutes tops even for a newbie installer it's cake.
    I couldn't get media burned on +r's to work in it but -r's work perfectly fine burned at 18x speed in Blindwrite. Plays originals and backups no problem. Haven't found a game yet that has not worked and I have 43 backup games 18 retail. Also running 3.4u firmware on my wii. Drivekey is firmware version 1.
    I'd give the drivekey a 10 outta 10 rating

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    I guess I'm too darn lazy to get that epoxy off my d2E drive so I installed a DriveKey a few days ago.

    Super easy install with my left arm tied behind my back.

    Plays all my backup games (13+?) as well as my originals as if they were the same.

    Also plays the new releases like Wii Fit and Super Smash Bro. Brawl. SSBB was ripped using Friidump 0.4.0 and burned with ImgBurn on a Verbatim +R/DL disk because I don't have any R/DL discs available. All the other backup discs were burned with Verbatim R and everything at 1X speed.

    No complaints, SSBB special effects load a tad slower then the original game but the game play seems excellent. I still get my butt kicked whichever version I use. I guess the DriveKey does what I want it to do and if I ever have to replace my hard drive in the future, I can purchase the best buy available without worrying which version of hard drive it is.

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    Does the Drivekey work with wiiscrubed games?

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    I just ordered 2 for a new Wii with epoxy and one for a Wii about 8 months old. So far have installed one (on Wii with epoxy). Installation took 30 mins....would have taken less than half that time but I tested before re-assembling unit and then after I put unit back together.
    So far have tried it on several retail games and about 6 backups. All work fine with no problem. Will do the other Wii in a day or so. Check the video on which is where I bought it from....nice video on install.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horizon View Post
    Does the Drivekey work with wiiscrubed games?
    Yes I have a few scrubbed games working just fine.

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    Have now modded the second Wii....the older Wii does not have the silver cable and is working fine tested using 4 backups and 4 original games so far.
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    K NooB question, but do I need to be updating ios after i have installed a chip or is that only for soft mods?

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    With the drivekey there's no need to update anything. Used it in a Wii with epoxy and another almost a year old and worked fine in both.

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    my experience

    I would give the drivekey a rating of 8/10. Installation was easy. Its a lot more work to open the wii than install the chip itself. Accessing the drivekey config menus is a little clumsy and I haven't seen good comprehensive documentation on the config options. But, the forums here and elsewhere have most the info you need. At first I had trouble getting a backup to work. This could have been issues with my blank discs or just a bad iso (got unlucky with the first one I tried). But, since then, I am 6 for 6 getting backups of retail games to work. Load times do seem slightly slower but not enough to interfere with gameplay. I have had one random crash (Madworld backup). Not sure if that was drivekey related or not. But, my wii has never crashed before during gameplay. It would be nice if backups weren't limited to 3x using the drivekey. But, overall, the DK has performed as advertised and I'm very happy with it.

    I have no other soft or hard mods, wii system software v4.0, and am burning verbatim dvd-r with mac disc utility.

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