Hello, I live in WI in the USA. I have been hacking PSP's for some time "about three years and have fixed and modded about 75 PSP's" and had been waiting from something to start happening with the PS3 but so far nothing. So my wife had wanted a wii and I also thought it would be good for the kids. So I started looking in to what you can do with one. Liked what I had seen and picked one up on the 14th. I have ordered a wiikey v2, should be here any day now and I'm trying to gather all the info I can to make this thing work good. So I signed up for this site. If anyone has any useful advice for my newbie butt I would like to hear about it. Anything I should be aware of with the wiikey v2 ? Is that a good chose of mod chip. Advice for installing. Anything is much appreciated. Thanks, IndicaKnight