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Thread: Opera Internet Browser Channel Vers. 2008

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    Opera Internet Browser Channel Vers. 2008

    I found following links that may be useful for someone. I don't know if its NTSC or PAL.

    Nintendo Wii - Opera Internet Browser Channel!

    The new, updated Opera-powered Wii Internet Channel brings you a second generation of Wii-based Web browsing.
    The latest incarnation of Wii IC gives you the ability to use any USB-ready keyboard with your Wii,
    making typing quicker and easier.

    Browsing your favorite sites on TV has never been easier. Download the new feature-packed Internet Channel
    from the Wii Shop Channel today for a one-time fee of 500 Wii points (about 5 dollars). After that,
    there are no monthly fees to access as much Wii Internet as your heart desires - it accesses your
    same WIFI that your home computer uses, for no extra charge.

    The Opera-powered Internet Channel is easy for everyone — of all ages — to use and enjoy.
    Just point your Wii controller at your TV, click and start browsing full web sites and zooming
    in on content from entertainment channels like YouTube, Veoh, and more!


    A small preview with a Flash movie for Internet Channel at Official Page of Opera:

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    is this new or updated since Nov ????

    Cause the Timewalker mediafire link I have already has it available... now unless theres an update to it...

    its located in the Wii Channels folder...

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    Awesome man thanks for sharing. I just got Homebrew on there and hoping to get the backup and play going on as well.


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