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Thread: Super Smash Brawl Wii Squeek

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    Super Smash Brawl Wii Squeek

    Well to start this topic off:
    I recently softmodded my nintendo wii and am a happy gamer XD
    So i was kinda in to SSBB.
    I made it so that SSBB(PAL) fit on a single layer DVD-R Verbatim.
    Now for my issue:
    Whenever i am Ingame and do stuff like switching screens for example my Wii makes this squeeking noise. Its that noise you have when the lens is changing position to read the disk.
    What I would like to know from a lot of Wii'ers here is:

    -Do you have the same squeeking noise when loading (for example switching screens)?
    -Do you have the Dual layer version or the Ripped Single Layer version or the Original version.
    -Do you have Pal or NTSC/Jap version of the game.
    -Did you Hard or Softmod your Wii
    -The level of Sound (Extreme,Hard,normal,low-none)

    My explaination is that it is looking for data that can't be found / data that has altered in the appropriate disk sectors OR this is just plain normal and the squeeking noise is also happening in the Original version of SSBB.

    My experience with SSBB:
    -My Wii hardware is making a louwd noise when doing stuff in SSBB.
    -I have Single Layer (ripped) Version
    -Pal version
    -Softmodded Wii
    -Level of Sound is Hard>Extreme

    I would be glad if some Wii'ers could place some info on their experiences with SSBB and their Wii hardware.
    Thanks for the help
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    I've got 3.2u wii Softmodded with gamma 3 loader
    SSBM single layer, NTSC
    I get the sound also , which is Hard. (low hard)
    I get the sound on other games also, not all but some . On the simpler games I dont hear it.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I hope more people will reply


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