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Thread: Issues playing backup of GH: Aerosmith

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    Issues playing backup of GH: Aerosmith

    Hello. I am running 3.2u firmware, using Backup Loader 0.3 gamma.

    I have burned copies of Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar Hero Aerosmith, on both Sony and Maxell media. Burned at 2x in Nero, and they are the only games so far I have issue with, no matter what speed or media burned at it seems.

    When in the game, I have to pause EVERY Song, and go into calibrate lag. Each time it is different, and I have to do this for every consecutive song. It's really annoying, and doesn't seem to be something affecting too many people. The compatibility list for 0.3 gamma lists GH:3 as working (not sure what the 1:1 after it means though - does that mean I have to make a full 1:1 copy of original retail disc myself, and cannot use a downloaded iso instead?).

    Not quite sure what I have done wrong. I am now attempting to reburn AGAIN, using IMGBurn, at 2x.

    UPDATE: Guitar Hero Aerosmith now works as long as I pause each song when it starts. I don't have to go in and recalibrate each time. I see that this used to be the case with the BETA launcher, but isn't mentioned as an issue with gamma (which I have installed)?
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    I'm running 4.2u and using NeoGamma... My GH: Metallica and RB: Country/Metal/Classic Rock track packs are all having calibration issues. However, GH: Van Halen works perfect for me... I've been burning the iso using Imgburn at 2x on Verbatim DVD-R's.

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    I had the same problem with GH Aerosmith... I noticed a lag and had to stop and re calibrate. I didn't have to do it for everysong , but the lag was noticable and was effecting game play.

    I fixed the problem by putting the game onto my USB HD. works fine now no issues.

    As you had I had burnt a few different copies and I went so far as to downlaod a differnt copy of the ISO to see if maybe it was corrupt in some way all with no luck... the USB HD fixed this issue. it also speeds up reaction time in other games as well.


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