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Thread: will I Brick my Wii

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    will I Brick my Wii

    I have a Japanese Wii that I want to install a WiiKey2. After installing the modchip, will I require an orginal japanese game to setup? It plays US games fine. Will I brick the wii if I use an US game for that setup?

    Please advised. Thanks

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    after modchip, either an original jap game or a backup/ISO will be playable.
    it plays us_games, fine, but avoid to update with us_games......may end up semi-brick!

    revisit the wiikey2 specification. are there Region Free, Update Blocking .....options ?

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    the Jap Wii has taken an US update before the mod and it is working.

    now will it semi brick if I install the modchip.

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    u'r lucky. taken an us update b4 mod could only be semi-brick ! lol

    now, with modchip, an IMPROPER update with US_update would kill u , either.
    don't take ur chance. with modchip, homebrew channel, GeckoOS, Gamma/SoftChip, u're capable to avoid semi-brick or full-brick in all dimensions.
    Manage it well, pal. it's all yours.

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    What evryone says is after you mod your Wii, your put in an original game from your region to set the region on the Wii and then you can use any backup after ward, just make sure you set the right region for updates with the config disk or block them all if you don't want them then you won't be bothered by updates.


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