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Thread: Wasabi Zero Clip or Wii-clip2 ?

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    Question Wasabi Zero Clip or Wii-clip2 ?

    Hello guys, just searching around the web to get my wii modded ( d2c v1 ) and i've seen that there is many models of modchips. Best modchip from my nearest provider that i can get is those

    1. Wiiclip2 with d2pro9
    2. Wiiclip2 with wiikey 2
    3. Wasabi Zero with it's own solderless clip

    As there is no installer that does a good price where i live, i've choosed to go with the solderless way.

    Do the wii-clip 2 would be better ( in terms of pressure on the chipset and long-term usage, yes i know that a soldered one is better.. ) than the Wasabi Zero clip ? Or they are pretty much the same ?

    Thank you for reading, im waiting for anwsers

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    I favor the Wiikey 2 myself since I have it but I think the Wasabi is a close second.

    I got it because of all the features it has. It's all listed on their website and more than once here in different threads.

    Check out their website and check out the reviews here. I still think the Wiikey 2 is on top of the world. Obviously many people will dissagree.

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    wasabi zero... solder it in

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    Quote Originally Posted by tristanloftis View Post
    wasabi zero... solder it in
    Yea i could give it a shot, but i need to get an soldering iron. Do those 25 watts iron from weller are good enough for those kind of jobs ?

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    a thermo-controllable weller, 25 watts is fine.
    otherwise, 15~20watts be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddrmanxbxfr View Post
    Yea i could give it a shot, but i need to get an soldering iron. Do those 25 watts iron from weller are good enough for those kind of jobs ?
    Try the clip first, it was a super easy install for me and works great.

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    Mabye, i've seen some bend pins on pictures this week

    Well i need to get an soldering iron, which tip on it would be best 0.79mm ? So that i can solder on those ic legs

    Thanks for your anwsers guys !!!

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    I love how on here every time someone asks a question about a solderless chip instead of answering the question someone really feels its necessary to chime in NO YOU SHOULD SOLDER IT.

    The clips work, and while you need a somewhat steady hand it doesn't require nearly the steady hand needed for a soldering job.. which is a lot more likely to break your wii if you're inexperienced. Really, the people who are so anti-clip are probably the people who make money soldering consoles.

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    i agree clips work great as long as you install them carefully and correctly. bent pins usually happen when people just force the clip into place without taking proper care.
    Drivekey Flatmod WasabiDX Wiikey2

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    Yup, the main problem seems to be the bend pins if you don't take care else than this it seems good. For people that move a lot the console it may be not the best solution though

    BTW I went with the soldering way, got an good soldering station and it did the job well ( always wanted one so now i have one ).


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