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Thread: what games should i get for the wii?

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    what games should i get for the wii?

    I want to buy some games for the wii besides wii sports, mario party 8, and twilight princess. Any suggestions?

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    Resident Evil 4 is a great deal for $30.00

    My favorite right now is Excite Truck. It's a racing game that's arcade style, you take a off road truck and you just drive all kinds of crazy.

    Wario ware is an awesome mini game, game. It's got all these crazy weird things you do with the wii remote. Probably the weirdest game on the system but maybe one of the funnest.

    Rayman Raggin Rabbids is also a fun mini game series.

    But before you make a $50.00 mistake, rent the game. especialy with the wii control style.

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    u could get prince of persia if u hadnt played on another console. u could also get call of duty, u could also get mario strikers charged and metroid prime

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    Paper Mario for sure! And I kinda enjoy Fishing Master quite a bit. Something to look into

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    I wouldn't recommend Mario Party 8 unless you have children who are like under 10 years of age, The Godfather Blackhand Edition has one of the best control schemes for a game i have ever played but it becomes boring as hell after you finish it, so if i where you i would rent said two games and next month when it comes out buy Super Mario Galaxy.

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    Hi . without a shadow of doubt. Resident evil 4. Top game and uses the wii remote very well. Paper mario is quality aswell

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    the Top 5 games imo are

    1. Zelda twilight princess
    2. mario strikers charged Football
    3. mario party 8 ( good laugh whit some matse and some beer )
    4. excite truck
    5. Red steel

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    resident evil 4 is awsum , as jerry says, wariware is real fun with friends and a few beers!
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    I had some fun playing Excite Truck.

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    resident evil 4 and call of duty 3 are the best games ive ever played!!!

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