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Thread: All these emus but the ones they need is ps3 and xbox360

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    All these emus but the ones they need is ps3 and xbox360

    with ps3 and xbox360 geting some of the best games out there these wiz kids need an emu for them on wii but wont happen cause ps3 and xbox360 is more powerful than wii and better graphics. I think the 3 companies need to get together and make an all in 1 and call it the game stimulus package. With the economy going down the shitter if they created an all in one for about $700 people would buy it. make it a 1 time thing sell the shit out of it and then go their seperate ways. people would have a chance to see which systems have better games and they will become more faithful to that system. I know Id rather but a 3 in 1 than 3 seperate systems.

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    I think this device is called a Personal Computer... The only thing lacking are Wii style games. Which won't be too long until someone steals the idea and creates some games for PC using a wand type controller.

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    what i would like to see is an emulator that can do PS1, Saturn or maybe Dreamcast that loads straight from the disc...


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