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Thread: Hack saved vitural console games.

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    Hack saved vitural console games.

    I am looking for a way without getting the mod chip to transfer the downloaded games to play on other systems. Weather it is transferring that game to Wii or playing it directly from the SD card.

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    I don't think you can even do that?

    Am I wrong?

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    Right now no you can not and I am just try some way to get it going. Reason being if I go to a friends and want to play and they do not have it. I don't want to be rude and make them buy it. You know back in the day with the older games where you can at least carry the cartridge to a friends house but you can not do that now when you download it.

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    Anybody got any new info on this subject?

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    I think, if you save your VC games to an SDcard, you can take the SDcard to your friends house and play...

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    If anyone tries this, let us know how it goes..

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    Since I have waited for a response from some one. A co-worker of mine took a sd card of mine with games on it but it did not work. I tried looking into the code just by simple open with on my computer and I really did not understand programing code just yet to change anything.

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    Lightbulb About virtual console games :)

    Every VC game you download gets tied to your machine, just so you canīt start sharing them with other gamers .
    Iīve been trying out different stuff to run others VC games on my Wii without any luck...
    So until some sort of wrapper for the VC roms gets out it seems we have to buy our Wii points and download them,.
    I hope this cleared some things out for you.


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    Sorry to hijack thread

    I'm looking to get hold of Wii back-ups



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