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Thread: Greetings from DaPup

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    Greetings from DaPup

    I just purchased a Wii last week and found myself a bit bored with the sports games. So, I went searching for new games online and found a forum that offers Wii games to download. Howerver, I found out today that some burns may require a MOD chip.
    My goal is to research what this MOD chip is and which one I'll need to install when the time comes. Hopefully the install isn't too invasive for the new Wii. I would hate to kill it the first week just for a game or two.
    With this in mind, I look forward to finding out how I can enhance my Wii experience thorugh this forum.

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    I havent bothered looking into modchips with wii's all that much, if ur worries about instalation a drivekey is plug and play, I beliebe the wiikey2 was one of the 3 best modchips available aswell.

    Why not check out softmodding over at

    You are gonna need to know how to READ, USE GOOGLE, 2 gig SD CARD and a copy of zelda - twilight princess.


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