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Thread: Wii Disc Problems

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    Us Wii Disc Problems

    Hello everybody. I'm a noob and am now having the following problem. Hopefully anyone can help.

    Just installed Gamecube Backup Launcher X1 and all original gamecube and backups work fine.

    DVD Movies and Data DVD's work fine in M Player CE.

    Wii Backups and Originals show up in Disc Channel but when I click start the DVD just keeps making a clicking noise and then ejects game and says, "Please disc"

    Also can use DVD Dumper for Gamecube games but gets stuck at 90% on Wii games when doing wi-fi and then the continuous clicking noise starts again once its stuck at 90%.

    Do I need to reformat my wii and re-install entire softmii package again? any help please!
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    i have used dvd r+ and dvd r- but i cant get any of the disk to work if there is some out there that can walk me thought it and help me it will be great i hav 3.4 v does that matter? i think i am doing some thing messed up when it comes to makin the dvd i use imgburn like every one tells me u can e mail me at psp3001@aim if u like or need to oh yea some times i play mario kart online and lookin for new friends to play online so if u have it u can get back to me some how and we can team up which will be back i play later at night

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