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Thread: WiiHacks got the FAQs! Voted BEST by the N00BZ!

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    Thumbs up WiiHacks got the FAQs! Voted BEST by the N00BZ!

    Joined to read the awesome FAQs for getting Homebrew and WADs and custom channels going. Had HBC going on 3.4U with successful DVDx and MPlayer (only got into homebrew to play DVDs darn it! Hate multiple remotes everywhere..) but saw where I could get MPlayer as a channel (ZOMG!) and hours of searching led me here. Holy Grail of Wii modders? Pretty close if not. Thanks for teh awesom site and keep blasting it out on the interwebs.

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    I second that ,this site is GRAET thanks for all your help Guy/Girls you know who you are.

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    Mplayer should be there, just scroll down a bit
    YES! I finally finished my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas port for Mac! I'm so happy


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