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Thread: Downloading to 3.2 - error 115 Any ideas pls?

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    Question Downloading to 3.2 - error 115 Any ideas pls?

    i have been battling through all sorts of errors whilst downgrading from 3.4E to 3.2. i have finally managed to get to the bit where you download 3.2E except that it tells me it failed and has a ios30 dowloading ticket error (ret=-115) Would anyone please be able to tell me where to go from here? Everyone in the last couple of days has been great and i really appreciate it. i can't load any other version either ie 3.3 etc. Please, any ideas would be great. Thanks im a newbie mum.

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    kept persisting and i installed it, woohoo thanks

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    u would encounter ticket error when proceeding download via internet.
    several attempts will end up a success.


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