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Thread: Hello from Saskatchewan!

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    Ca Hello from Saskatchewan!

    Hey guys, iv been into the mod thing since the Play station, since then iv done xboxs ps2s and thanks to the great mods and a few dedicated users my Wii works great.

    I wish I could stay to answer some questions but im a busy fellow, ill keep my username and everything but im a member of too many forums as it is. Video games are far from my main interest, but to each there own. Its a great deal of fun.

    I did want to plead and/or beg alittle aswell. Iv been having trouble getting a Ntorrent membership. iv been a member of and am currently a member of If anyone has an invite It would be put toward alot of uploading

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Again Thanks for your hard work, good day.

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    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
    Welcome to WiiHacks!
    You from Saskatoon?
    YES! I finally finished my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas port for Mac! I'm so happy

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    yup , born and raised. Ive beein typing this from Prince Albert but this is just temporary.

    I liked doing these wiikey 2 mods, do you think theyre going to be "future proof"

    I want to do them for friends but im not sure if its a good idea.

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    hi rah, hv a nice stay
    visited Saskatchewan once, taking the bus University line bk and fwd.


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