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Thread: Nintendo Wii?????

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    Nintendo Wii?????

    What do you think about the nintendo wii?? Should I get a xbox 360 instead? What are your opinions???

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    i think nintendo wii is the best cause its interactive and its the least expensive. its also the only console which can be modded. 360 and ps3 have almost the same functionality. the 360 is cheaper than ps3, but it has the "red lights of doom".

    but its ur choice really. if ur into graphics, then get a ps3 or 360. if u want family games and interactiveness, then take the wii.

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    360+wii makes a good combo imo..

    Caters to both hardcore gaming along with casual/party.

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    i have an nintendo wii for fun whit mates, and for mi littel Bro.
    and ghot xbox360 and good pc for killing stuff online

    so it realy depents what you look for.

    360 is more serous (graphics) gaming platform.

    and the wii is for having a good laugh once in while + to play zelda on :P


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    Wii aimed at younger gen as with all nintendo stuff

    360 aimed at old gen
    Stoke me a clipper I`l be back for lunch

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    Get a Wii I own a Wii and PS3 so I am very happy the Wii's interact in gaming makes in a more popular console aswell as its price is nice and cheap aswell.

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    I really think the combo of wii and 360 is the best of both worlds.

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    i dont think that anyone in the "Wiihacks Community" will be telling you to get a 360 over a wii.
    but its a wii in my opinion anyway

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    Yup, i recommend wii as well but x360 isn't bad choice either.

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    Fundamentally different consoles, both offering substantially different gaming experiences and so, impossible to compare.

    That said, I loved COD2 on the 360 and liked COD3 on the Wii even more, yet MOH Vanguard on Wii stinks whilst MOH Airborne on 360 is excellent, figure that one out if you can.

    I guess its a choice, do you want to play Metroid Prime 3 Corruption or Halo 3?

    Me, I want to play both, so I own both a 360 and a Wii!

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