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Thread: D2pro9 + Wii Clip not working

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    D2pro9 + Wii Clip not working

    So I installed a d2pro9 + Wii Clip on my own wii a few months ago with no issues at all, everything worked perfectly fine. I was installing the same chip set up on my sisters wii but after I clipped the chip onto the wii, the LED stays red and the drive will try to spin in intervals of 2 seconds or so. Once I remove the clip it works perfectly fine. While the chip is on it will not eject the discs and the blue LED on the drive will kinda flicker in odd patterns.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this issue, possible incorrect solder points from CanadaMods or what do you think I can do to fix it.

    The wii drive is d2c and the chip was supposed to be pre soldered for the d2c/d2c2/d2e board.

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    Bump, anyone know of something I can try, this is quite rediculous that I am still unable to use the wii


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