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Thread: Wii64 emulator

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    Wii64 emulator

    Is there any other N64 emulators out there better than Wii64. Wii64 is very choppy and sound quality sux.

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    I want to know here I can get emulator for N64... And I need GC controller? And I need SD card ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trystan View Post
    I want to know here I can get emulator for N64... And I need GC controller? And I need SD card ?
    i also want n64 games for the wii.

    but i find it easier to download vc games .
    i installed mario 64 amd mario kart 64 as channels using wad manager and they work great.

    but if you find a good emulator please let me know as i also have had probs wil wii 64. it ust freezes on me.


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    Guys, there is only one N64 emulator for the Wii, Wii64. It's still in development, but it's coming along nicely, just wait until they finish. It's all you really can do unless you decide to contribute.

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    soon as i hit play game this emulator just freezes on me any ideas how to fix.

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    I wanted to know

    how do you get the emulators to work. can the roms be load from a hhdrive?

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    When i downloaded the emulators they came with an app folder and somewhere inside they came with a rom folder, put the roms in the rom folder. i was useing a SD card should be the same for a hard drive. then from there i just poped the sd card in my wii whent to the HBC and the name of the emulator shows up. From there just look for a rom directory, if no games are present you put them in the wrong folder. I beilve (dont quote me) you cant mess your wii up if you have to trial and error this.
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    can you a GC controller on all games ? or will you have to purchase a wii classic controller ?

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    i believe, somewhere in there is a controller menu that show a GC controller, and button mapping.
    I got a classic remote when i got it so i never tried, but i do believe it does support GC controllers

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    Is Wii64 still in beta? I have a beta version and most games have issues.

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