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Thread: Wii Fit with Wiikey 1.9s

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    Wii Fit with Wiikey 1.9s

    I am a little confused on the best way to get my wii fit working on my 3.1e firmware with Wiikey 1.9s. Should I do:-

    1. Upgrade my Wii using the Wii Fit PAL software as I believe it goes to something like 3.2 and then see how to go from there..


    2. Upgrade to the latest firmware over the internet, play Wii fit for the day and then look to downgrade and install Homebrew etc


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    Do you have a Pal Wii or NTSC Wii?
    If you have PAL, you need to make sure the
    game is PAL as well... and vice versa.

    Otherwise you can brick your Wii.

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    Itd have to be same region wouldnt it? This game is pointless without the hardware that comes with wii fit or am I missing some cheap 3rd party wii fit accessories?
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