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Thread: Wiikey 2 Config Disk problem

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    Wiikey 2 Config Disk problem

    I ordered a pre-modded Wii console. The salesperson said that it is using WiiKey 2.

    I wanted to confirm if what salesperson said was true, I downloaded & burned WiiKey 2 config disk v1.2 but found out that it said "Wiikey 2 not found"... something like that.

    I decided to d/l and burn Wiikey 1.9s config disk. I get black screen with message saying "An error has occured. Please eject your disc and turn off Wii console... see the Wii operation manual" or something like that.

    Is this a sign of a cloned WiiKey 2? I'm not really sure what modchip I'm having right now.

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    You'd best open up your wii and take a look, If your unsure, take a pic and post it on here and I'm sure one of the experienced chip modders will be able to tell you what you've got.


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