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Thread: playing pal games?

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    playing pal games?

    After being extremely sick for a few week and almost bed ridden. I'm back to play'n my wii.. How do I play pal games, I have 3.3u, I've done the twlight hack have the hbc installed & gamma loader. Was unable to install wadManager, because I can't downgrade without a WiFi connection..

    I just want to play a couple of pal games I have managed to accumulate.

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    Try downloading Geko OS, it allows you to play PAL games without a ModChip.

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    I had a 3.3 u wii before and you can play pals through the backup loader gamma in the settings just force ntsc most games work but some for me did not. Wad manager is an app that you put in the apps folder and acess it throuth the homebrew channel.


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