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Thread: getting frustrated

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    getting frustrated

    Ok I bought a wiikey2 and clip combo from candamods.
    I told them that I had a gc2-d2c chip.
    I installed the clip like I was suppose to, and the dvd drive is dead. I take the clip off and the drive works fine. Then I noticed a piece of tape between the solder points D thru G. should those all have been soldered also? my serial number sticker is yellow, so should I solder just the G, or should d thru g all be soldered. Thanks for the help. I sent Canadamods an email a couple of days ago with no response.

    thanks again
    Indiana Jim

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    Post a picture and you will get more accurate responses.

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    I think I just found the answer. I believe since I have a yellow serial # wii2 key and my chip is a D2c Then A,B,C, and G should be soldered. Can anyone confirm this.

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    Yes you are correct. Not sure if it fixes your problem but only a,b,c and g are needed for yellow sticker. (power and ground too obviously)


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