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Thread: Backup loaders

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    Backup loaders

    Is there any new Backup loaders out there? For PAL and for Homebrew

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    What loader are you using? I'm on Gamma version of backup launcher. Got Beta version as well. You can play all region games with it and if you use Starfall you can skip disc updates which potentially can brick your wii.
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    i use gamma loader and the one with zelda on it, but that one only loads games in black and white i have more luck with gamma but some games seem a bit jerky, could be a bad iso i surpose

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    What region are you in and what region backups are you playing? Did you install Gamma loader region free? Are you trying to play a 60hz game on a 50 hz tv? I find some games (like mariokart) a little jerky but I think its because it takes more time to read backup discs.
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    HDTV, PAL not sure which gamma loader it was with the twilight hack

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    Does gamma loader come up with options Launch game ,force pal ,force ntsc ,force 50hz ,force 60hz and reboot with hooks? Are you using 480p setting on wii menu?

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    softmii is well worth checking out

    Why are you reading this? its always the same!!

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    yes get all those options

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    I also use Gamma loader and have had no problems so far.

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    HDTV, so you should be in COMPOMENT?, Set the WII to widescreen and you should be set. what game are creating problems?

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