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    Smile Wii applications

    By applications I mean the wierd, pointless but fun applications you get on things like the Ipod touch or Igoogle and things like that, anybody thinks it is a good idea?

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    I think the problem is the the IPOD/IPHONE SDK is so easy to use that people are able to create stuff pretty easily while for the Wii and homebrew its a little more involved. So you don't find that slew of pointless applications that get pushed. Plus the distribution system of the applestore is really why that platform works. Yes, I know that the wiiware store is there, but they are a lot more strict on what they allow.

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    I was wondering about these kind of apps the other day. The best way to find these apps is to just use the homebrew browser and just see what they have. Theres one that lets you use the wiimote as a leveler for instance.

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