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Thread: Look out for suspicious folks blatantly asking about piracy on facebook

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    Look out for suspicious folks blatantly asking about piracy on facebook

    Hey everybody who uses facebook

    I just got a PM from this guy asking me to tell him how to get and copy Wii games for his kids.

    I don't know this guy. I've never met him before. I didn't respond to his message. I already deleted it or else I would post it here.
    I figure it's gotta be some kind of trap because that information can easily be found with google.

    Maybe I'm just paranoid and it was an idiot guy who doesn't know sh!t about computers. But I find that hard to believe if he can use facebook and he managed to install the Homebrew Channel on his Wii.

    There might be others like this. I guess he found me because I'm a fan of the Homebrew Channel on facebook. Jerks always think that homebrew means piracy. I can't stand it.

    If you actually do know this guy, tell him:
    1.what he wants to know
    2.not to send strangers suspicious messages
    3.get an F'ing mod chip
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    i would have just told him thats illegal and sent him a link to google and said look it up your self lol Google

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    Quote Originally Posted by splodgeyrog View Post
    after you mentioning on facebook, i was doing some wii searches on it.
    Its ridiculous, people pay for someone to come and install the backup launcher channel
    WOW. That dude is an all-around prick.
    Downloading games to play at home is one thing, but SELLING copies to stupid people? Not to mention the fact that he doesn't give any of the coders credit for their work. I hope he gets shut down.

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    This reminds me of the carlos mencia bud light commercial

    When you want a bud light you ask but when they want your bud light you say no speak english

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    not sure how that's related but its funny anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockMan_Forte View Post
    not sure how that's related but its funny anyway.
    related cause the golden rule is ask for as much as you can get but if someone asks you tell them no speak english.

    Tell this guy begging for games no speak english then ask him for a game in return lol


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