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Thread: Any way to load cheat codes WITHOUT sd card???

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    Any way to load cheat codes WITHOUT sd card???

    hi guys i am searching for a method to load cheat codes without actually having an sd card.

    i know how to use ocarina but i don't have a sd card right now, so could there be possible an alternative method to load cheat codes??

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    There is no other way than to use Ocarina

    You can buy really cheap 512 mb SD cards for like $7.00, it's virtually the cheapest way to go. (Make sure you have an SD compatible device in your house that can connect to a computer, such as a Digital Camera)
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    wait for the day of ISO-usb loading , happens on ur wii

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    thx @Nintendavin and billyhome for your posts...

    problem solved now...


    I use an sd card very often to use homebrew and I have an sd card reader here (or use ftpii), but when i went to a friend i forgot my sd card there, so i hoped there was a way to load cheats without a sd card ^^


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