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Thread: Wii (NTSC/ US ) With WIIKEY v1 not reading new Back up Games

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    Unhappy Wii (NTSC/ US ) With WIIKEY v1 not reading new Back up Games

    After my Wii had a accidental system Update to 3.4 U I had to use the twilight hack in order to downgrade the firmware to 3.2 U . Afterwards everything was working fine until recently after another firmware downgrade after another annoying European game brick/update

    It seems at the moment , my US wii console running Wii firmware 3.2 doesnt want to read any NEW back up games .
    I have several back up games that work 100% fine all the time , even now .
    It is very frustrating that the wii console no longer recognises any new back up games .
    For Example I had Downloaded : MarioKart Pal, Wii Music NTSC. Crash NTSC, Dewy's PAL , Monster Lab Pal all in one week all working .
    One week after (Mre recently) I decided to burn the following : DDR Hottest Party NTSC (US) , Pikmin (PAL) , SNK arcade Classics however None of these games did work ... I then burnt a new copy of MarioKart identical to the working copy that I burnt a week earlier , as expected this didn't work either
    I have spent dozens of hours since burning countless discs on various branded DVD-R's including Verbatim at low speeds between 2-4 x with no Joy .
    I had tried changing the anyregion settings aswell , that didnt work . I had tried Geko also many times , that also didn't work
    I have ended up uninstalling all the CIOS Wads and removing Homebrew in an attemp to update the Wiikey (V1 ) Firmware but again the console didnt recognise the disc the firmware was burnt to
    It's also very strange that my other older Back up Games are still working as some of these are still new games

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    You might have to reinstall your custom IOS through wad manager in homebrew. Reinstall IOS 16,38,55 etc and then it should work.

    Reinstall all of this stuff and then it should work for you. If your old ones are still working I would assume it is a problem with the wii firmware and not your chip (since they once were working)

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    Sounds like a burner problem to me,try to get someone else to burn one of your iso files and see if it does any better,or try to flash the firmware on your burner and see if it helps.


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