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Thread: disk drive problem

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    disk drive problem

    hi all having a little trouble have a wiikey 2 fitted and all was fine but this morning put the wii on and the drive makes a wurring sound then spits the disk out (back up or original) any ideas.
    thanks in advance

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    It always spits the disc out? Or did it spit the disc out the first time and now not accepting them any more.

    the only way I see this being fixed is opening up the drive. There might be something blocking a sensor or the wiikey 2 might be shorting out somewhere.

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    always spits it out. thats what i was thnking sent it to the person who fitted the wiikey for me thanks for the help

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    Yes if it was fitted by someone else take it back. I was assuming this was you who installed it. Any time your wii does something unexpected and it was done by somebody else make it their problem.

    If they value you as a customer they will help you out since it is most likely their install that caused it.

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    thats what i thought too im sure he'll fix it for me

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    Yes I would definitely take it back to who installed it for you. If you went through one of the awesome people on the site here to get it installed they guarantee their work and would be more than happy make sure they get it right.


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