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Thread: Which wii game to buy for a 9 y.o.?

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    Which wii game to buy for a 9 y.o.?

    I want to get a wii game for my son. But I don't know wich one i should get. Can anyone recomend a good one?

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    I would get the one that has all the sports: bowling, baseball, tennis, boxing, pool....I think there are 1 or 2 others as well; It gets them out of the seat and moving around; plus some (most) on that disk are for 1-4 people playing together, so have fun, get some exercise and make it a family affair! We do!

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    mario party, paper mario, Bionicle Heroes, Ratatouille, rayman, open season, shrek the third, etc... these are a few. you can always ask the geek at your local video game store.
    those are good for a kid,

    but for 4 plays. Mario party, mario cart, marvel super heroes, power rangers, and rayman (depending which version) are a good start
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