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Thread: Wiikey and online play?

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    Wiikey and online play?

    I'm just a bit confused over the whole situation with the wifi online gaming and modchips, it seems i keep hearing different things about the same stuff

    another forum i browse had a topic about wii mod chips, and a couple of people said they regret buying the wiikey cuz they can't play online, yet i come here and ran into topics about people playing mario strikers online with the patched ntsc thingy

    not only that, i headed over to a store near by that i heard was selling wii modchips and installing them for $110 canadian (not sure if thats a good deal, but there's no where else close by that'll do it) but i asked him what chip it was, told me wiikey, and also said online play doesn't work, i should've asked him a few more questions, but i just left cuz i was pretty dissapointed to hear that bit of info

    so basically, i really odn't know what sources to believe, online play is very important, i may be mistaking that the back up games do not support online play maybe, and official games do, or altogether online play doesn't work, i really have no idea, but most of the online games i will actually buy, smash bros, strikers, prime 3 etc. the purpose of the mod chip is pretty much to try out games when my budget it tight, there's a huge drought, yet not many games worth purchasing, and rentals don't always give the needed time to complete the game, so i think it's a good solution for me at least, so w/e information people can tell me, it'll be very helpful

    also, another clarification, i read that alot of people are cloning the wiikey, do the clones have something that makes them not work online, and possibly the store i asked has a clone?? how can i tell if it's a clone, stuff like that

    LASTLY about modchips that have a switch or an option to turn it off completely, cuz i read recently about the xbox live banning that took place for people who had modchips, and having a switch to turn the mod chip off and on would be pretty useful, i highly doubt nintendo would do something as severe as microsoft did, but if my online features don't work with the modchip on, and turning it off simply solves that, that would be awsome, i read form that forum again that WiiD has a switch to turn the mod chip off, but i read on that it just has a stealth mode, w/e that means, didn't mention anything about a switch that can physically be turn off and on to allow you to use your usual online features, since thats the biggest concern i think

    it's alot of questions for pretty much my first post, so sorry about the walls of text O_O, but when i'm thinking of buying something, i just can't stop thinking about it and constantly researching on it or asking questions etc, mainly cuz it can have some bad impacts on the online career of my wii, which i care highly about, thx in advance

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    i went back today to ask him if i can order a chip, and they install it, but no

    i also asked if the burned games don't work online, but the officials do, and he said thats how it works, which is pretty fine by me, i was gonna get it installed tonight, but they were gonna close soon and would have to pick my Wii up the next day, so i deciced to just go tomorrow and drop it off and pick it up in the evening

    just want some confirmations though, to make sure the guys telling the truth and all, does it sound right? every store that sells burned games and mod chips are selling wiikey apparently, so i don't have much of a choice

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    gee.......well..."my friends" are all playing on-line with backups of their original...Mario strikers.......


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