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Thread: Software or Hardware mod? Comment Please

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    Software or Hardware mod? Comment Please

    Hi All
    I just bought the Wii for my kid, Can't afford to buy every new games. Plan to mod the Wii, but which way is stable anh be able to play any backup game( I mean Hardware or software mod)
    All imput welcome

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    i like softmod easier n u dont have to open box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devlin View Post
    i like softmod easier n u dont have to open box.
    If by easier you mean, Doesn't work with all games, more chance to brick your wii, always trouble.....

    In my opinion, Modchip all the way.

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    I soft modded my wii with the tutorials here. No problems so far. I would have bought a chip but decided to try to softmod because if i messed it up i would return it to walmart the next day. Worked well and was dwnlding game that same day. Some dont work but alot do. Just becareful because like trekster said you can brick it. Only intall wads or anything from trusted sources. Be sure to follow the dir. on the tutorials exactly. And when in doubt search and ask. whichever you choose you'll love what a modded wii has to offer, oh and I am planning to get a chip , not sure which one though, New tv comes first .


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