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Thread: main screen freeze

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    Question main screen freeze

    Modded my nephews Wii (usa)for Christmas with a D2Pro9 v3 firmware2.5/1.7. No homebrew. Been working perfectly with originals and backups. He's used it to death. He updated to firmware 3.4U to use shop channel back in Dec. Still no prob. Yesterday he turned on, clicked on internet and after @5 sec. screen freezes on start screen. Resets & trys to load disk(back up or original), starts to load, gets drive light, highlight on menu screen-@5 sec. screen freezes on start screen. No black or opera screen. Been reading through posts and havn't found this problem.

    Is this a brick? Since it's at f3.4U is there a cure. No Homebrew. No ability to use drive. Please help O' wizards of Wii!

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    even the newest disc utility don't read?
    there has an option to force firmware update, maybe works.

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    when switching on wii, hold A, + and - keys....
    what followed ?
    Google "maintenance mode" for more info and progressive plan.

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    Thanks for the replys. I will go to my nephews tonight and try myself as doing things with him on the phone is confusing. Will report back.

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    Thanks for the direction billyhome. Had the "message board-corrupt file" problem. A quick system format and he's back up. You guys are the "wizards of Wii"!


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