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Thread: bricked

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    Exclamation bricked

    my menu now goes to oprah help desk page. is there any way to fix this?

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    wow you really gave us ALOT of information...

    1. how did you break your wii?

    2. which firmware are you on?

    3. do you still have the twilight hack savegame in the memory of your wii?

    4. did you at least install starfall???

    5. do you own a modchip??

    if you don't own a modchip,are on 3.2E/U/J,have the twilight hack savegame still on your wii, installed starfall AND bricked your wii by installing a bad wad file you can definitely rescue your wii by loading the twilight hack via the rescue menu through starfall and uninstalling the bad wad file using the wad manager.

    if you own a modchip there is a chance that you might save your wii even without all these "brick preparations", but it definitely depends on HOW you bricked your give us more information about your wii and your brick, and we might be able to help you ^^

    greetz Sephiroth*

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    I got it back, it was just out of region. i fixed it with anyregion changer. thanks though


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