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Thread: Is this wired wrong??

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    Is this wired wrong??

    Have recently purchased this d2pro chip from
    Have tried to fit it. The chip did not feel that it sat right over the wii chip, it would hold but there was no 'click'. Problem was that when I tried to close the drive unit back together that same part was too big and was keeping the units apart.
    So... Do I have a fake? Or as a friend has suggested, they may have sent the wrong clip set for my wii.
    Serial number starts leh139.(D2C chipset) And I was purchasing the solderless 6 wire version. The chip looks right but the soldering and the clip look wrong by all other pictures i've seen on the net.

    Please can you cast your professional eyes over this and tell me what's wrong with it.

    Many thanks in advance
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    make sure youre tucking the wire properly under the compartment, that is the number one thing people do wrong when closing the drive up. The little extra space this lifts up when closing is fine, its supposed to be like that. Also the correct points are soldered, but we usually block off the other points from touching. Id recommend putting some electrical tape inbetween the points that aren't soldered together incase theyre causing the issue. the clip is real its the v4c-9a , I prefer the older style myself though.
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    thanks for your time spyman.
    tried as you said and isolated those solder points, but it still doesn't sit right on chip(comes off real easy) when i got it to sit fairly tight a red light flashed once followed by one flash blue and the drive continuously whirring like it was trying to load so i put an original disk in and it would tell me there was an error and to eject disk. it did this several times. tried adjusting the clip but i've had no luck. the chips out now and wii is ok! by the way which is the older chip you spoke of?

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    its not an older chip its an older clip he is talking about, it just covers the whole chip insetad of just 1 side, no difference really just personal choice

    by the sounds of it your not pushing down hard enough and evenly for it to stay on

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    ive been pushing down so hard i'm worried i'm going to cause damage to the main board or the chip i'm pushing down on. but i can still pop it off no problem.


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