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Thread: wii remotes shut down

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    wii remotes shut down

    my wii remote shuts down at the start of certain games.
    fifa 08 and call of duty 3 does it so far then screen stays frozen.
    Any one no the problem fairly new to the homebrew stuff

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    Are you using official games or backups?
    What loader?
    What IOS's are installed?

    Give a little more detail.

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    im using back up games backup launcher 0.3 gamma iso249 all my other games work accept for call of duty 3 and fifa 08. fifa my remotes shut down on the remote screen and call of duty 3 remotes shut down after profile as its loading into gameplay dont no what other iso i need to tell you i have but i have them all saved on my pc . thinking about dumping again ?

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    You have to patch your IOS with this:

    IOS Version Patcher -

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    i downloaded the ios patcher v 1.0 then i dragged my game frome my desktop to the iospatcher.exe then entered number 30. burn iso file at 4x .load the game 0.3gamma forces ntsc remote screen comes up then the screen goes green fuzzy and restarts back to wii channels. do i need to do anything else ? do i have to do this to all games or certain ones? all but the two games work .also should i be using that brick blocker im using only ntsc on a ntsc wii.

    Help is awesome here. look forward to learning new things.

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