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Thread: New Drive Chip

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    New Drive Chip

    So I bought the wiikey 2, and while I am not new at soldering I had some problems when soldering to the board, and one of the points came up completely (right by the ribbon connector) thus disabling the wii drive. I ordered a new drive chip on ebay, matching the same one I have right now. I am just wondering if this will have any effect of the games that I have downloaded onto my wii already and if the wii will still work in general. Right now I put it all back together and it boots up, but none of the channels work. Thanks for any help.

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    Do you mean you ordered a replacement board for the drive? If so I am pretty sure it doesn't matter which version of the board you bought. (we will assume the replacement is a working board)

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    Yes, the board I bought is brand new, so im hoping it will work. I am just wondering if it will have any effect on the downloaded stuff I have on the wii (I dont have the drive chip in my wii, and nothing works; including my downloaded games)

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    Let us know how it works out for you.

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    No.. that wouldnt be an issue..
    The games in your Wii wont be affected..
    And good luck with the install..

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    So I finally got the new drive chip in yesterday and I just got around to putting it in; no problems whatsoever. GREAT! I still have the problem of connecting this wiikey 2..I jsut cant seem to get a few of the connection point to work..does anyone know of anyone who can solder it for me?


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