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Thread: Gamma loader issue

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    Gamma loader issue

    Ok guys, I've followed the Admirals guides to first downgrade to 3.2u, then I installed the twilight hack, did the IOS downgrader, the custom IOS installer, Starfall, and the gamma loader. I used the files from the EOC Gamma pack to do all this.

    Everything appears to be ok, I'm at 3.2, I have the homebrew channel, and the gamma loader channel. I've burned RB2 (dvd+r) and SSBB (dvd+r DL), and when I put the disk in, and select "gamma loader" channel, I just get a black screen, and my disk won't eject, the Wii won't power down. I have to unplug it to get it to eject.

    Any ideas on where I've gone wrong? I know some recommend using Verbatim dvd-r, but I've also read it doesn't matter.

    Help me out guys!

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    Why not try a -R? That just might be it and there isn't anything wrong wit hthe Gamma install

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    I don't have any dvd-r laying around. I'm going to grab some next time I go out, but just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions I could try in the meantime.

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    I heard you can change the book type of dvd+ to dvd - . With nero if u have smart start 6.3 or above. or with dvd decrypter .

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    I've got Nero 8, I've been using Imgburn, but I'll try Nero and see if I can change the book type. I didn't know that was possible.

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    Changed the book type in Imgburn to DVD-ROM, at it works perfectly now.

    Thanks guys!


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